Highly qualified

Highly qualified

More than 30 years of experience and 150 highly qualified employees make us a strong partner for the industry.

Naturally certified

Naturally certified

Our company is certified under the following standards:
DIN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Saarland
SCC/SCP:2006 by Det Norske Veritas
Activities as a specialist firm according to §15 of the Radiation Protection directive

Standards create confidence

Standards create confidence

Optimized workflow according to international standards guarantee smooth collaboration with our clients.

Security is our highest priority

Security is our highest priority

We have the permission for activities as a specialist firm according to §15 of the Radiation Protection directive.

GFZ - Personnel Leasing for over 30 years

We solve your supply shortfalls in technicians fast and reliableglobally. No matter if machine-, pipeline-, fitting- or welding-technology is concerned or whether you need staff for construction or reconditioning of industrial plants and gas-, coal- or nuclear power plants: we are the right partner for you. A pool of 150 highly skilled and long standing, experienced technicians is available for you globally within short notice. Even our back office team is available for you 24/7!

Our services include all construction tasks in nuclear plants according to §15 of the Radiation Protection directive. Security and qualification of our employees is our main objective. Our technicians reward it with a high grade of motivation and enthusiasm as well as long standing cooperation with confidence.

Certifications according to DIN ISO EN 9001:2015 and SCC/SCP:2011 are the basis of our actions.

As one of the few companies in the segment of personnel leasing, we concluded a collective agreement with IG-Metall, the major German industrial union. This underlines the fact that we attach great importance to fair payment and good working conditions . The signed collective agreement takes account of operational necessities and includes substantial improvements for our employees. Better payment, overtime surcharges, Christmas bonus and holiday allowance are all part of the agreement. Many of our co-workers became members of the union.

Professionalism and punctuality in the processing of the projects that are entrusted to us are our trademark since our foundation in 1991. These are only two of the many reasons, why customers from around the world keep approaching us again with highly technical and image boosting tasks.

This information is ment to give you a short overview about who and what we are.

The old GFZ (Gesellschaft für Zeitarbeit mbH) was founded in 1991 by their owners Mr. Uwe Dahmke and Mr. Jürgen Beese. Mr. Dahmke has been working in the management of DIS AG – a world wide personnel supplier - since 1972 and Mr. Jürgen Beese has been working in the same management sector since 1979. In 1982 Mr. Ronald Holzer joined the DIS AG, too.

All above named were working in the section of KWS (Kraftwerksservice). Their task within the DIS AG was building up a specialized team of employees, which had to be highly skilled, well trained and experienced in each of their professions. They were only provided to customers working in the range of coal- / gas- and nuclear power supply in the field of construction and maintenance of such power plants.

So in 1991 the old GFZ was founded by the two owners with the goal to intensify these specifications and specializations to realize maximum convenience for the customers of GFZ. Therefore the employees – most of the skilled ones who have been working with DIS AG – KWS before, joined GFZ - had to receive a better training on the job, specialized health care and adjusted security education in the range of their task pane, than this would have been possible under the former conditions. Moreover, the GFZ employees were specialized for their tasks in nuclear power stations so as to fulfill their various duties in different types of power stations all over the world.

To achieve these goals the management as well as all employees had to be educated and accurately trained, highly skilled and experienced, familiar to international conditions and rules, equipped with international passports, health cards, all necessary certificates – mechanical and welding, and with a specialized and well organized back office for their support any time and any place.

From 1991 to 2007 GFZ raised within that 16 years to become a specialized supplier for globally operating corporations in the field of power plant technology. The organization of the company was aligned towards these specific requirements and specifications. Professional competence, reliability, flexibility and seamless integration in project execution where at the central focus of our company policy and the whole staff. This resulted, among other things, in the transfer of a significant number of GFZ employees to our customers. These employees partially are now in leading positions within those companies. 

The company as well as their whole internal and external staff was trained and certified according to the applicable DIN ISO EN 9001 by the TÜV, SCC/SCP-Management Safety Standards SCP:2006 by the DNV (Det Noske Veritas ) according to TGA-ZM-04-92-62 international standards.

In 2007 Mr. Uwe Dahmke went into his well earned retirement. At the same time the Brinkhof International Group - a company with shown 28 branches and more than 1.200 employees - came up with the plan to step up the world wide business according to the rules, understanding and the history of the old GFZ.                                                                                                                                       

100% of the GFZ-employees followed intsieo the new founded organization. Unfortunately it turned out, that the flexibility and reliability as well as the frame construction was not easily transferable due to different understandings and views. Finally, ending 2009, the initiators of the old GFZ, meanwhile changed to Brinkhof Kraftwerksservice mbH had to make a decision about the future plans.

So Mr. Dahmke, Mr. Beese and Mr. Holzer - always ideological adapted closely to their employees and their customers, decided to set up the new GFZ Gesellschaft für Zentralmontagen mbH in accordance to the old GFZ – hence it was their ideology and business understanding, their special way of general management and process organization, their human resources management, which has made the old GFZ to what it was – a preferred and well respected supplier for globally operating companies in the field of power plant technology all over the world - with a specialized team of employees.

The management was confirmed in this concept. 99% of the former employees, most of them already working for the old GFZ, joined the new GFZ within a very short time. This, as well as the trust of our long standing customers gave the whole staff the confirmation to be on the right way.

To guarantee more flexibility, reliability and availability in the global business, in 2010 the EGTS Emirates German Technical Services L.L.C. , headquartered in Abu Dhabi – UAE was obliged as an allied company.

With this step several important goals where achieved: more flexibility in the core business and to have the most adequate men in the right place at the right time.

GFZ Gesellschaft für Zentralmontagen mbH
Stade – 2011

Here we present a selection of projects the GFZ was involved in.

Air Products Rotterdam – The Netherlands
Aluminum Oxid Stade GmbH – Germany
BASF Antwerpen – Belgium
BASF Ludwigshafen – Germany
BASF Uerdingen – Germany
Buggenum Power Station – The Netherlands
Didgot Power Station Oxfordshire – Great Britain
Central de Verbrande Vilvoorde – Belgium
Centrale du Blayais – France
Complejo Termico – Spain
Cottam Development  Center – Great Britain
DEA Oil refinery – Germany
Deutsche Shell AG – Germany
DOW Chemical – Germany
DUPEG Tank-Terminal – Germany
Benelux Maasvlatke – The Netherlands
Cattenom Power Station – France
Penly Power Station – France
Estaleiro de Siemens Power Plant – Portugal
Gas Power Station Kastoe – Norway
Killingholme Power Station – Great Britain
Kardia Power Station – Greece
Moneypoint Power Station – Ireland
Olkiluoto – Finnland
Vuossaari – Finnland
Kastoe – Norwegen
Tjeldsto – Norwegen
Malzenice – Slowakei
Bratislava – Slowakei
Gönyü – Ungarn
Dunamenti – Ungarn
Oskarsham – Schweden
Hydro Agri Köping – Schweden

Al Aweer H3 – Dubai
Al Mirfa Power Company – Abu Dhabi
Jebel Ali – Dubai
Al Taweelah – Abu Dhabi
Al Wajbah Power Station – Qatar
Ataka Power Station – Egypt
Az Zour Power Station – Kuwait
Bahrain Al Ezel Power Project – Bahrain
Baij Power Plant – Iraq
Beddawi Office Ansaldo Energia – Lebanon
Centrale Thermique de Tahaddart – Morocco
Ghazlan II Power Plant – Saudi Arabia
Daura Power Station – Iraq
Homs Power Station – Libya
Kirkuk Power Station – Iraq
Marib Power Plant – Yemen
Midelec Power Station – Egypt
Nubaria Power Station – Egypt
Rudesdhur Power Station – Iraq
Shuweihat Power Plant – Abu Dhabi
Sohar Power Plant – Oman
Touss Power Plant – Iran
Zahrani Power Plant - Lebanon
Rousch – Pakistan
Berrouaghia – Algerien
Western Mountain – Libyen
Homs – Libyen
Geregu – Nigeria
Daura – Irak
Deir Ali – Syrien
Mossel Bay – ZA
Kendall PS – ZA
Kureimat – Ägypten
Midelec – Ägypen

Azer Enerji JSC Power Station – Azerbaijan
Bang Pakong Power Station – Thailand
Ca Mau Power Station – Vietnam
Connaught Bridge Power Station – Malaysia
IPT Chonburi – Thailand
Kemerton Power Station – Australia
Gladstone Power Station – Australia
Kuosheng Nuclear Power Station – China
Laverton Power Station – Australia
Meghnaghat Power Station – Bangladesh
Thermal Power Station Ramagundam – India
Paiton Power Station – Indonesia
Panglima Power Station – Malaysia
Rousch Power Plant – Pakistan
Sta. Rita Kasada Power Plant – Philippines
Sugen Surat Power Plant – India
Zhongyuan Zhengzhuo Power Station – China
Seraya – Singapur
Pasir Gudang – Malaysia
Paka – Malaysia
Bang Pakong – Thailand
Hainan – China
Kot Addu – Pakistan
Chonburi – Thailand
Incheon – Korea
Uran – India
Gujarat – India
Baku – Azerbaidschan

Genalba Power Station – Argentina
Valldolid Power Station – Mexico
Mossel Bay Power Station – South Africa
Project GTTP Haina – Dominican Republic
Angra – Brasilien
El Cajon – Honduras
Quillota – Chile
Ventanilla – Peru
Atucha – Argentinien
Lawerton – Australien
Gladstone – Australien
Kemerton – Australien