Your global partner for time-work

Europe - Asia - Africa - America - Australia
We are on duty for you - globally.

Flexibility is our guideline

You require - we arrange.
Flexibility in time and location is our strength.

Reliable on-site

Any time at any location.
Our team is at your service – reliably.



  • over 30 years of global experience
  • 150 highly qualified employees
  • certified under DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 and SCC/SCP 2006
  • IG-Metall company agreement


Company history

GFZ was founded in 1991.
Its founders came out of the Kraftwerksservice (KWS) and set out to build up a team of highly specialized employees. They set great store by broad qualification and training of the technicians. Personalities with a great treasure trove of experience in their occupational field were hired with preference.