Highly qualified

Highly qualified

Sound standing training, regular qualification and long standing experience characterize our employees.

Highly motivated

Highly motivated

Interesting and prestigious projects with challenge in an international environment guarantee high motivation.

Fairly paid

Fairly paid

Compensation above the ordinary following our own union rate with the IG-Metall create best conditions for our employees.

Satisfied personnel is our best asset

The continuity of our customers in long standing relations with mutual trust is proof of the qualification and motivation of our employees – hence for our DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 and SCC/SCP:2006 certified company.

Our largely many years standing personnel are continually given training and further training and are supported  in there sphere of activity.

This includes courses in:

  • constant renewal of welding certificates
  • safety expert
  • safety representatives
  • first-aid training
  • crane- and forklift-operator training
  • SCC/VCA-safety training for the international petrochemical industry

Constant medical examination according to the principles of the trade association is self-evident.

As one of the few companies in the segment of personnel leasing, we concluded a collective agreement with IG-Metall, the major German industrial union. This underlines the fact that we attach great importance to fair payment and good working conditions . The signed collective agreement takes account of operational necessities and includes substantial improvements for our employees. Better payment, overtime surcharges, Christmas bonus and holiday allowance are all part of the agreement. Many of our co-workers became members of the union.

For the extension of our team we are always looking for new employees. We offer jobs with challenge and variety at constantly changing locations all around the globe.
Demanding and varied tasks by which you will be challenged professionally and personally, are waiting for you.

All that at payment above average following our collective agreement with IG-Metall, the major German industrial union.
Working with us, you can proof to yourself and others what's in you!

You are trained as:

  • welder
  • pipe fitter
  • Rohrschlosser
  • machinery installer
  • machine fitter
  • maintenance fitter
  • electrician (low current)
  • hydraulics-, pneumatics-technician
  • safety expert

You have several years of experience in your job?
You are Sie sind independent, flexible and like working in an international environment?

Simply apply to join us with our online-application-form.

We look forward to receiving your application!